Kurt's Closet varuje pred Debianem 2.2

Petr Novotny Petr.Novotny na antek.cz
Středa Srpen 30 14:03:44 CEST 2000

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> Debian's goal of a bug free-release hasn't been met. But to be fair,
> it's not like any software vendor will ever release bug-free software.
> Debian has done a particularly bad job in my opinion, shipping
> out-of-date software and especially publicly available network daemons
> that have root hacks in them. 
> If you do go with Debian, you'll have a lot of manual updating ahead
> of you to bring it up-to-date and secure it. Unfortunately, the
> argument "apt-get, apt-upgrade" won't work, since many of these
> updates are not available as dpkg's yet. 
> Debian has also ignored a lot of work other vendors have put into
> making their distributions more secure. If you don't learn from the
> mistakes and improvements of others, there is little hope. This is
> especially frustrating in light of Debian's effort to secure various
> parts of the distribution, using Exim by default instead of Sendmail.
> Having seen things like that during the install, I had a lot of hope
> for Debian, but my hopes were dashed to pieces upon closer inspection.

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