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Neděle Červenec 9 18:33:29 CEST 2000

On Sun, 9 Jul 2000, Korinek, Jan wrote:

> Ahoj,
> teda ja uz si pripadam jako menecenej, ale zkuste mi poradit, pripadne me
> poslat nekam, kdyz to neni dulezite :-)
> Mam PII/mobile 366 MHz a at delam co delam, BogoMips mi vypisuje neco tesne
> pod 366.
> Jestli je to skutecne tak nevyzbnamne, proc to tam je a jestli je to
> vyznamne, co mam udelat s tim mym peckem, aby se to zvedlo?
> Kernel 2.2.14 (kompilace pro MMTR, SMP OFF, i686 :-)

mho, nikam vas posilat nebudu... :-) je to skutecne bezvyznamne cislo, ale pro
klid duse... (z BogoMips.txt.gz)

 BogoMips are Linus's invention. The kernel (or was it a
 device driver?) needs a timing loop (the time is too short
 and/or needs to be too exact for a non-busy-loop method of
 waiting), which must be calibrated to the processor speed of
 the machine. Hence, the kernel measures at boot time how
 fast a certain kind of busy loop runs on a computer. "Bogo"
 comes from "bogus", i.e, something which is a fake. Hence,
 the BogoMips value gives some indication of the processor
 speed, but it is way too unscientific to be called anything
 but BogoMips.

a tohle snad vse vysvetluje

 The reasons (there are two) it is printed during bootup is
 that a) it is slightly useful for debugging and for checking
 that the computers caches and turbo button work, and b)
 Linus loves to chuckle when he sees confused people on the

hezky zbytek vikendu

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