disketa 1.72 mb

Jaroslav Lukesh lukesh na seznam.cz
Pátek Červenec 14 09:27:38 CEST 2000

| Odesílatel: Jan Hrabcak <hrabcak na nextra.sk>

| chcem sa spytat, da sa nejakym sposobom standardna disketa 1.44 mb
naformatovat na viac (konkretne na 1.72 mb) ? stiahol som si moof (taka
mala linux distr) a tam pise, ze mam "len" dat 1.72 mb disketu do
mechaniky, spustit dd a uz to ide. vraj to ma byt na zariadeni /dev/fd01720
ale take ani nemam. viete mi niekto poradit ??

Navod jsem kdysi posilal do konference (opakovani matka moudrosti ;-)


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Jak na formátovat větší disketu

	Can I used 'extra' formatted floppies, like 1.74MB or 2m 1.88MB ? 
	Yes. Normal higher formats as well as some 2m formats will work. 
	Zkopírovat obsah diskety do nějakého adresáře (možno na W95 stroji)
	Na počítači, kde je nainstalován plný Linux, udělat:

0. mknod /dev/fd0u1722 b 2 60
1. fdformat /dev/fd0u1722 
2. mkdosfs /dev/fd0u1722 
3. syslinux -s /dev/fd0u1722 (the -s is very important here.) 
	(syslinux je k nalezeni na CD RH5.2 v
	zkopirovat vse do /root/syslinux/
	na soubor syslinux (13016 bytes) dat atribut eXecute,
	pak jej spustit viz vyse)

A problem with these disks is there is no way to accuratly determine their
For LRP to be able to mount these disks, you must specify the correct size,

IE fd0u1680, fd0u1840, etc. Apparently these disks break sooner as well 
(read errors etc), though I haven't heard of someone who had this problem 
4more frequent then with regular disks (anyone) 

The cylinder/head/sector vs. /dev notations are unfortunately not obvious
occasional user (me), so I looked up some common combinations:

 device            major  minor   -t (cyl)   -h (heads)  -s (sectors)
 /dev/fd0u1440     2       28     80         2           18
 /dev/fd0u1600     2      124     80         2           20
 /dev/fd0u1680     2       44     80         2           21
 /dev/fd0u1722     2       60     82         2           21
 /dev/fd0u1743     2       76     83         2           21
 /dev/fd0u1760     2       96     80         2           22
 /dev/fd0u1840     2      116     80         2           23
 /dev/fd0u1940     2      100     80         2           24

t*h*s/2 = diskette size in megabytes.

1.68M should always work, but YMMV on larger sizes due to variation in
drive and diskette characteristics.

As for superformatting in DOS, I don't have much experience with it.
http://www.simtel.net has some DOS superformatting utilities (from docs:
mform19.zip only appears to handle 1.6M, fdform18.zip seems to have more
options but may be superceded by 2m30.zip).  Mform has a Win9x version

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