Problemy s kompilaci OpenSSH - uz zase!

Stanislav Meduna stano na
Pátek Červenec 21 15:29:09 CEST 2000

On 21 Jul 2000 09:43:42 +0200, Pavel Kankovsky wrote:

: Po pravde receno nechapu, k cemu je dobre davat do rpm pro platformu A
: skript pro platformu B a to spustitelny a umisteny mimo %doc (v %doc
: snad dependence nezkouma?).

Obavam sa, ze islo o subor v %doc. Nie som si na 100% isty (bolo
to pred rokom a ten .spec uz nemam), ale dialog s autorom bol

=== snip ===
> when testing the vim 5.4p on the RedHat 6.0 system
> I discovered a small problem:
> doc/ (and possibly other scripts -
> I haven't checked all of them) contain hardcoded
> interpreter path - e.g.  #!/usr/local/bin/perl.
> This should probably be determined at build
> time and appropriately substituted by configure.
> One problem is that such command is not executable
> without manual interpreter specification, the second
> one is that (at least on RedHat) the rpm tool
> automatically creates a dependency to #! contents
> and the package is not installable without manual
> intervention.

This Perl script is only included as an "extra".  It is not really installed,
it is just copied.  You can use it or leave it.

That automatic dependency is a problem.  You might actually have both a
/usr/bin/perl and a /usr/local/bin/perl (e.g., when you installed the latest

There should really be a portable way of specifying just the command name,
instead of a full path.  It's /usr/bin/perl on my system.  But I don't think
that "#! perl" works.

- Bram
=== snip ===

V aktualnej distribucii ten subor _je_ v %doc a je v nom
uz /usr/bin/perl. Ked budem mat cas, checknem to a pokial
problem trva, poslem report do bugzilly.


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