OT: Zkratky v konferenci

Karel Zak zakkr na zf.jcu.cz
Středa Červenec 11 16:11:53 CEST 2001

On Wed, Jul 11, 2001 at 01:38:43PM +0200, Karel Vyskočil wrote:
> Je to sice dost blbej dotaz, ale mohl by mi nekdo vysvetlit zkratky typu
> IMHO, BTW, AFAIK atp. Nejak mi nedochazi vyznam a docela rad bych se v tom
> orientoval. Moc diky.

IMHO budete-li pouzivat vsecho nize uvedene asi vam nikdo 
nebude rozument.

BBL       - Be Back Later
BFN       - Bye For Now
BRB       - Be Right Back
BTW       - By The Way
CAD       - Control-Alternate-Delete  or  Computer Aided Design
CIM       - CompuServe Information Manager-The program
CIS       - CompuServe Information Service
CP        - Copy Protection
FB        - Files Busy
FUBAR     - "Fixed" Up Beyond All Recognition
FWIW      - For What It's Worth
FYI       - For Your Information
g         - grin - usually in brackets or angles  <g>  or  [g]
gd&h      - grinning, ducking and hiding
gd&r      - grinning, ducking and running
gd&r,vvf  - grinning, ducking and running, very very fast
HSIK      - How Should I Know
IAE       - In Any Event
IANAL     - I Am Not A Lawyer
INAL      - I'm Not A Lawyer
IMO       - In My Opinion
IMHO      - In My Humble Opinion
IOW       - In Other Words
JFYI      - Just For Your Information
LOL       - Laughing Out Loud
LMAO      - Laughing My <ahem> Off
NBD       - No Big Deal
NOYB      - None Of Your Business
OIC       - Oh, I See
OTL       - Out To Lunch
OTOH      - On The Other Hand
PITA      - Pain In The A**
PMFJI     - Pardon Me For Jumping In
PMJI      - Pardon My Jumping In
PPN       - Programmer Project Number; now known as ID# or UserId
PTB       - Powers That Be
RNA       - Ring, No Answer (communication or telephone term for a problem)
ROFL      - Rolling On Floor Laughing
ROTF      - Rolling On The Floor
ROTF,L    - Rolling On The Floor, Laughing
RSN       - Real Soon Now
RTFM      - Read The Fine Manual
SL        - Section Leader
SNAFU     - Situation Normal, All "fixed" Up
Sysop     - Systems Operator; person who manages a Forum
TANJ      - There Ain't No Justice
TANSTAAFL - There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
TIA       - Thanks In Advance
TIC       - Tongue In Cheek
TPTB      - The Powers That Be
TSR       - Terminate and Stay Resident (Computer Program)
TTFN      - Ta Ta For Now
TTYL      - Talk To You Later
WizOp     - Wizard Sysop; the primary Forum Administrator/Sysop
WOA       - Work Of Art
WTH       - What The H---
WYSIWYG   - What you see is what you get


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