Acrobat 4

Martin Plechacek martin.plechacek na
Pátek Červenec 20 13:08:05 CEST 2001

Dobry den,

mam probles s instalaci Acrobat 4, ale netusim, co a kde muze byt spatne:

Please type "accept" to accept the terms and conditions license agreement; 
Type "decline" to exit. accept

This installation requires 16MB of free disk space.

Enter installation directory for Acrobat 4.0 [/usr/local/Acrobat4]

Directory "/usr/local/Acrobat4" does not exist.
Do you want to create it now? [y]

Installing platform independent files ... Done

Installing platform dependent files ... Done
./INSTALL: ed: command not found
ERROR installing /usr/local/Acrobat4/bin/acroread

[root na localhost ILINXR.install]#

Rad bych proto pozadal o jakoukoliv radu ci tip



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