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Petr Vanek vanous na
Neděle Červenec 29 05:29:00 CEST 2001

dobry den,
tohle mi prislo, je to uz par dni a mam spatne svedomi, ze jsem jim
neodepsal. ma nekdo zajem na tomhle spolupracovat?


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Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2001 17:11:54 +0100
From: Tim Worstall <tcw na>
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Given my non Czech speaking status I can't work out where on your user group to post I write direct.

I'm from a small company called a look at our site at is a demo still.
We run on Linux on Intel....and we're looking for Linux types to run local language equivalents.
Basically we're a search engine, but a search engine of the daily and weekly newspapers. Rather like a clippings agency. We will provide the software, the advertising, the plan, the links to the other language sites and future directions ( we know where we're going for perhaps the next 2 years.)
Local partners will need to provide a server ( for the Czech republic a PII would be more than adequate ), translation of the front pages ( the walker and indexer already work in Czech ) and basic marketing via bulletin boards etc.
The aim would be for us and the local partner to share the ad revenue generated.

A Linux user group seems like a good place to start looking you know of anyone who might be interested i nthis ? It would probably involve about 2 weeks work to set up , plus maintenance .
We're also interested in a Slovak version...perhaps they could be run together ?

Yours Tim Worstall
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