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On Mon, Feb 11, 2002 at 12:18:45PM +0000, Libor Vaněk wrote:
> Nevite, jak nastavit pod RH7.2 SNMP demona? On sice bezi, ale kdyz dam
> "snmpwalk localhost public" tak se zobrazi jen ty zakladni udaje a ja bych
> chtel ziskat informace o provozu sitovek, vyuziti pameti atd.

redhat nepouzivam, takze neviem, co za mib-y su v tom daemnovi 
zakompilovane, ale imho bude chyba prave v tom...teda ze v nom
nemate zakompilovane potrebne mib-y..

--with-mib-modules="item1 ..."  Compile with additional mib modules
                                    (Space separated list).

  Default mib modules compiled into the agent (which can be removed):
    mibII:                 support for the mib-II tree.
    snmpv3:                support for the snmpv3 mib modules.
    ucd_snmp:              ucd-snmp specific extensions.
    agentx:                (see below)
    notification:          mibs supporting specification of trap destinations.

  Optional mib modules that can be built into the agent include:
    host:                  host resources mib support.
                             (beta level code for linux, hpux, solaris, bsdi)
    smux:                  smux support to allow subagents to attach to snmpd.
    misc/ipfwacc:          accounting rules IP firewall information (linux).
    ipfwchains/ipfwchains: firewall chains under ipfw for linux.
                           (Download separately from the ucd-snmp ftp site.)
    ucd-snmp/diskio:       Table of io-devices and how much data they have
                           read/written.  (only tested on Solaris)
    target:                Support for the SNMP WGs TARGET-MIB.
                           (note: this is required for the notification mib 
                           above, and hence is usually included).
    tunnel:                Linux TUNNEL-MIB support (ifTable extension)

ja to mam skompilene s host, ucd-snmp/diskio a targer a dokazem stade
vytiahnut od cpu-loadu az po vyuzitie diskov...

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