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In article <a705fo$hkhb0$1 na>, no na says...
> As long as Media "TV, Magazine, Radio, Newspaper etc" are on the side of
> Widows, this isn't going to happen. Nearly 90 percent people have to conform
> their opinion, their thinking, and their attitude base upon what they see on
> TV.  What they read on Magazine and Newspaper and people learn what is
> fashionable by watching soup opera and talk shows.
> Chance of Martian taking over America is lot higher then Linux.

The major problem in my opinion is that at the moment Windows 
applications for average non-technical users are still way better than 
their Linux counterparts. Not too mention not sufficient hardware support 
I have a dual system Win98/98lite and Linux. I find myself using Win98 
mot of the time, because the Windows applications are better and my 
computer runs faster under Win98 (P133 with 64 MB RAM) than under Redhat 
7.1 with KDE.

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