A new breed of free email! Worldwide access including WWW, Outlook, mobiles/PDAs etc.!

Fred Higgins fredh na bigfoot.com
Středa Leden 1 02:57:11 CET 2003

Being a gadget freak I own a T68I, T39, 6310I, 7650, 8310, and an IPAQ 3970. I've spent many an hour looking for a unified email solution that would enable me to access my email from not only my *favorite email client & web browser* but also my *mobile devices* as well. Eventually I found a solution offered by UPO, here's the link : 


They also offer you a variety of available email addresses including such as mymobile.net, and various other phone/PDA type domains. They're even including 10mb of storage and POP3 access and aren't charging a cent. For how long I don't know. BTW, easy access via GPRS/CSD with any built-in phone email client like the 7650 or T68(I) has!

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