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  We're excited about the recent calendar rollover, because it means
  we're starting a great new month of Share!  We've got so much fabulous
  stuff lined up, that we are doubling the love with two featured
  sets on some weeks.  With our new longer hours (until 1am or later
  every Sunday) there is still plenty of time for every to get their
  open jam on.  So stop by!

  See http://share.dj/ for full description, schedule, faq, photos,


05 January - Osso Bucco

osso bucco is Nyc born, Florida bred and Barcelona based sonic artist
gregg kowalsky's solo project. After several years of manipulating sounds
inside his laptop, osso bucco has brought his music to the people with
performances at the Sonar Festival and Wrong Festival in Barcelona and
the Nursery Summer Festival in Stockholm. His music weaves back and forth
between ambient noise and digital harmony, which appears to be the focus
of the compositions. The textures he creates from overlapping repetitive,
DSP clicks and processed layers of sounds provide the backdrop to the
subtle melodies. In December, one of his tracks will appear on the Wrong
Festival Compilation cd with Hrvatski, Dj Rupture and Once11. For more
info and mp3s go to www.nosordo.com/ossobucco and www.observatoryonline.org

05 January - Heartworm

nyC based brandon taylor (akA the heartworm) creates severely fractured
glitch-core nonsense on severely fractured laptop, combining skewed and
disected rythms, visceral textures, and stuttering melodies.  the heartworm
co-hosts the weekly "opiate" ambient party at {*}penair (along with
aaron spectre and unit), is a founder of the ever ominous slum.org music
collective and has recorded and performed music for web, film and artist
installation work.  he has released recordings for various imprints
(DHR, aklass records, slum.org.)

12 January - Unit

unit: superstar dj duke brownstar clambake sammich stew.

Ingredients: 1/2 cup butter, 5 cloves garlic minced, 2 cups dry white wine,
1 tablespoon dried oregano, 1 tablespoon dried parsley, 1 teaspoon crushed
red pepper flakes (optional), with the small fucking clams in shell,


1       Melt butter in a large skillet over medium heat. Cook garlic in
butter briefly. Stir in wine, and season with oregano, parsley, and red
pepper flakes.

2       Place clams in the wine mixture. Cover, and steam until all the
clams have opened: discard any that do not open. Serve in soup bowls, and
ladle broth generously over them. but fuck all this shit because the
stove dont work anyways and clams will make you shit funny..what you
really need is what i got for you.

check this shit instead:

UNIT: bringin' it LIVE, home cooking style luv.  fresh, hard beats mixed
with car doors and whatever else we can find in the cupboard.  no 4/4
measuring cups here..just the banging hot goodness only your mother could
perfect.  served piping hot with a side of random next door neighbor
prison-break breadloaf sounds and a lush broth of pads and
strings...heated to perfection over a duraflame log on avenue d....this
meal is sure to please even the most discerning of palettes.  mangia.

here's to good friends. tonight is kind of special.
and for dessert: www.coad.to
and you say goddam, that's deeee-licious.

19 January - John Parker and Backmask

John Parker is Jenghiz Khan Bill Mattinson is Clone together they
(we) are Jenghiz Khan v Clone

we (they) will gracefully be setting fire to your sound system
with laptops, performing a riviting aray of juttering speed
beat interlaced with painful erruptions of utter beauty that grip your
very soul like a loving hand, and choke out your stagnant inhibitions.

John Parker has performed with DJ Spooky, created numerous sound

Bill Mattinson has performed as backmask at Open Air (share), and at
Remote Lounge (F:T:H), at Tonic as 1/3rd of the Haena Kim Trio and is
a major player at www.slapart.com

26 January - burun

burun is worth the hassle, according to someone who lives in Germany.
One person, one laptop, and the sounds of New York.

  Sundays 5pm - close
  [*]PENAIR (bring your I/D to get in!)
  121 St. Marks Place (near Avenue A) NYC | 212-979-1459
  21+ please bring ID

   ly-,;dj )k20l.../)>)__*))>
 l__)I-)*( 9%677%3*
         <..>. /)__)___)


whoever guesses our streaming window viewer
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stoli in a chilled shot glass
with a lime and a lemon twist.

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