Samba 3.0 usability

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Pondělí Září 8 15:07:27 CEST 2003


uz se tu nekolikrat objevil dotaz na "pouzitelnost" Samby 3.0 (nyni v
RC2 fazi). K pozitivnim vyjadrenim ucastniku konference pridam vynatek z
rozhovoru s Andrew Tridgell(em) ("otec" Samby) co jsem nasel na IBM

Interview: Taking Samba beyond POSIX
An interview with Andrew Tridgell on his latest Samba rewrite


dW: I also wanted to ask you what's the latest with Samba 3.0. It's been
in alpha since November of 2001, I think.

Tridgell: It's been in alpha for a very, very long time. In fact, alpha
is, in some ways, a poor name for it, because it's actually being used
in production in a number of companies. At least two vendors that I know
of are shipping it in production code in their appliances. It's being
fairly widely deployed. We were hoping that we'd get the final release
done by the Samba XP conference this year, but we didn't get it done.
There's still some documentation and a bit of QA that needs doing, but
the state of the code is really quite good. For some purposes, it's
considerably better than our stable releases, because it's had an awful
lot of QA from these companies that are using it in production. In
particular, when I was at Quantum, they had a very good QA department,
and that team put a lot of effort into stabilizing the 3.0 code base as
a file server. Particularly on extremely large domains, or under very
high load. That work means that Samba 3.0 is, in fact, rather more
stable than one might expect for alpha code.


dW: Where does 3.0 really act like alpha code, then? Who would not want
to use it?

Tridgell: The documentation still isn't really complete. The management
tools are still a bit rough. There are a few things like that, that are
not quite done. If I was doing the releases, probably, I would have
already released it as 3.0. I used to do releases much, much faster when
I was the release manager a few years ago. Each release manager tends to
have their own style... Jeremy [Allison] was the most recent release
manager, and Jerry [Carter] has just taken over from him a few months
ago. And Jerry and Jeremy tend to be a little bit more conservative,
which is probably a good thing.


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