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Čtvrtek Červenec 15 16:32:03 CEST 2004

On Thu, 15 Jul 2004, Libor Chocholaty wrote:

> Aha. A planuji vydat nejkou novejsi stable? Nebo jim uz staci tahle?

Docela zajimava je nasledujici odpoved Martina Michlmayra (soucasny Debian
Project Leader), cele interview

> Debian has traditionally had very slow release cycles. One reason for
> this is that Debian has often been used for servers. As it is being used
> increasingly for desktops, our release cycle is not adequate anymore. We
> know about this and are working on implementing faster release cycles
> which will meet the needs of server and desktop users. Another reason
> why Debian is often slow with release is that our system is very large.
> We have more than 10,000 packages and support 11 architectures. However,
> we are working on solutions which will allow faster release cycles. In
> this process, we are moving away from a feature based to a time based
> release. This will ensure predictable releases.

-- Honza Houstek

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