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Neděle Červen 20 00:23:14 CEST 2004

Hello, my name is Alena Simons.

I'm a girl of 19 and I live in Russia. Two years ago my parents divorced and now I live only with my mother 
and little sister. 
My mother works hard to make both ends meet, she has to take odd jobs at the moment since she is currently laid off 
from the major one. Besides, she has no specialty, so the wages are always low and much eaten up by regular bills. 
It was hard to get a loan for my college and I guess it'll be even harder to pay the debt. 
We are thinking of moving to a cheaper appartments since it's impossible to pay for this anymore. 
Our total debt reaches $17,058. All we need is that you send us a few dollars to keep us alive. 
I'm afraid for the future of my sister. She's only 11, but understands what situation we are in. 
Please, please, help us. Even if you have only some extra cents on your account, please, do not hesitate to help us. 
We'll be glad to any your help. Thank you for your time.

Our accounts:

E-gold: 1127463 (www.e-gold.com)
EVOCASH: 142772 (www.evocash.com)

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