ANNOUNCE: Underground Desktop, a new beta release (012)

ivan ivan.roquentin na
Sobota Duben 16 17:07:05 CEST 2005

Underground Desktop ( is a GNU/Linux distribution
targeted to the desktop user,
featuring a graphical installation (using Anaconda for Debian by
Progeny), and is based on Debian 'unstable'.

Its main features are:

    * Ease of installation.
      The graphical installer will guide you through the installation
in a simple and effective way.

    * Debian based.
      Underground Desktop is based on Debian unstable, so you can
install bleeding edge software easily.

    * Fast.
      The desktop environment, KDE, is compiled with optimizations for
modern processor.
      The linux kernel is optimized in order to improve desktop

    * KDE powered.
      KDE is the most advanced desktop environment in the linux world.
      We include a recent release of KDE.

NOTE: Multimedia support not included, read this to be able to install

BUG FIX: Remove the file '/etc/apt/preferences' after installing.

012 - Changes

Linux kernel + desktop performance patches (ck2)
KDE 3.4 RC1
GUI support for network configuration
Wireless cards: support for cards based on Intersil 802.11b Prism2,
Prism2.5, and Prism3 chipsets
Wireless cards: support for Ndis drivers
Xorg 6.8.2
Firefox 1.0.2
Support for Synaptics touchpad
Printing support
Laptop support
Autologin as root after installation
New windows decorations

You can download it at

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