Your Email Won Lottery Prize.

Sobota Červenec 1 06:09:39 CEST 2006

Paleisstraat 5, 2514 JA Den Haag. 
THE Netherlands.
REF: YPL/4249859609/WX5 
BATCH: GLV/91663/AU 
SECURITY CODE:W-91238-H-67/B5 
Attn:Lucky Email Address Prize Winner, 
We are pleased to inform you of the release, of the long awaited results of
2006. You were entered as an independent client with:Reference Number:
YPL/4249859609/WX5,and Batch Number: GLV/91663/AU.Your email address
attached to the ticket number:46938 that drew the lucky winning number,
which consequently won the loterij in the second category,in four parts.You
have been approved for a payment of  €1,000,000.00 (ONE MILLION EURO) in
cash credited to file reference number:HPL/4247159609/WP2.This is from a
total cash prize of TEN MILLION EURO Shared among the 10 international
winners that won the second categories. 
 All participants were selected through a Multi-international computer
ballot system drawn from 98,000(Ninety-Eight Thousand) names of email users
around the world,as part of our international 
promotion programme.Due to mixed up of some names and addresses, we ask
that you keep this Winning Prize award personal, till your claim has been
processed and your funds remitted to you. 
This is part of our security measures to avoid double claiming or
unwarranted individual taking advantage of the situation by other
participants or impersonators. To begin your claim, do file for the release
of your winning by contacting our accredited Licensed Fiducial/Claims Agent:

Licensed Fiducial/Claims Agent to STAATLOTERIJ NL, 
Tel: +31 644 753 805. 
Fax: +31 847 438 364. 
Reply Email:hansconsults na 
NOTE: All winnings must be notarized to complete the claim process; winners
will be referred to a Licensed Fiducial/Claims Agent  to STAATLOTERIJ NL, to
have their winnings notarized.Winners are to cover the processing and
admistrative tax charges and not STAATSLOTERIJ.NL, 
Please note in order to avoid unnecessary delays and complications please
remember to quote your reference number and batch numbers in all
correspondence.Mr Hans Hunter is  your Licensed Fiducial/Claims Agent, and
he is responsible for the processing and transfer of your winnings fund to
you.YOUR SECURITY FILE NUMBER IS W-91238-H-67/B5 (keep personal)
Remember,your winning must be claimed not later than One week. After this
date,funds might be returned as unclaimed.Furthermore,should there be any
change in your address, do inform your Licensed Fiducial/Claims Agent as
soon as possible. 
Yours Truly, 
N.B. Any breach of confidentiality on the part of the winners will result
to disqualification.You are advice to Contact your Licensed Fiducial/Claims
Agent :
Mr.Hans Hunter. 
Email Address: hansconsults na 
WARNING: It has come to our attention that fraudulent emails are being sent
out from the Netherlands by some group of people. These emails are NOT from
Staatsloterij -wheel Email-games or the Multi-State Lottery Association.
These emails may claim that the recipient has won a prize in Staatsloterij
-wheel Email-games, the Netherlands Staatsloterij or some other non-existent
international version of  Staatsloterij. These emails may include our name,
our logo and links to a copy of an old staatsloterij web page as we are
working seriously to ensure security on 
our web page. 
In accordance with the staatsloterij -wheel E-games policy and regulations,
this notification is dispatched directly to only the 10 lucky consolation
prize Winners. This notification also contains information that is
proprietary, privileged or confidential or otherwise legally exempt from
disclosure. If you are not the right recipient whose email address attached
to the lucky numbers along with the winning information's you are not
authorized to read, print, retain, copy or disseminate this notice or any
part of it. 

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