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Pátek Březen 10 23:33:55 CET 2006

Michal Kubecek wrote:
: Tak jsem našel ještě něco jiného ve waitpid(2):
:   POSIX.1-2001  specifies  that  if  the disposition of SIGCHLD is set
:   to SIG_IGN or the SA_NOCLDWAIT flag is set for SIGCHLD (see
:   sigaction(2)), then children that terminate do not become zombies and
:   a call to wait() or waitpid() will block until all children have
:   terminated,  and then fail  with  errno set to ECHILD.  (The original
:   POSIX standard left the behaviour of setting SIGCHLD to SIG_IGN
:   unspecified.)  Linux  2.6 con- forms  to  this  specification.
:   However, Linux 2.4 (and earlier) does not: if a wait() or waitpid()
:   call  is  made  while  SIGCHLD  is being ignored,  the  call  behaves
:   just  as  though  SIGCHLD  were not being ignored, that is, the call
:   blocks until the next child terminates  and then returns the process
:   ID and status of that child.
: Člověk se učí celý život...

	Jo, tohle je spravne reseni. Kdysi to byvalo popsane i v sigaction(2),
ale ted se divam, ze tam vubec SA_NOCLDWAIT neni. Kazdopadne fungovat by to
melo (Stevens tohleto uvadi jako doporuceny postup, kdyz na UNIXu nechcete
cekat na potomky a nechcete z nich mit zombie).


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