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Středa Září 13 10:40:23 CEST 2006

Good day,
You may be surprised to receive this unsolicited mail as it may appear to be. Sorry to bother you any way.
Glory be to God, My names are Mrs. Ethlyn Richards from America married to Rev. Gordon H. Richards who works with America embassy in England.
We were both married for years without children.
I do not intend to waste much of your time, my husband left some money for me which is in private deposit box in a security company in Ivory coast Abidjan which i intend to give out for charity purpose,to a God fearing individual or firm
that will received and use the money to help ORPHANGES,WIDOWS, I am looking for someone that I can trust to handle this funds.
Because of my present condition of my health problem that is while i took this decision to give the money out since i do not have a child and due to my
husbands belief in giving to the less previlage and before my husband died we both decided to give the money out for charity works that was our wish. Presently am in my husband personal property in abidjan ivory coast responding to treatment. And i want to carry out my husbands wish so that he will be happy with me where ever he may be. The truth of the matter is i know that based on what is going on all over the internet, people find it very difficult to assist one another and also find it difficult to believe issues like this but i assure you that as soon as you can garantee me of your trust and honestly i will be able to work with you.As soon as you get intouch with me i will tell you all the modalities that is invovled in this project.
My late husband was blessed with some contracts as a favorite in the british embassy and subsequently invested his profits diligently in equities and debentures to avert queries and rumours of bribery; which obviously was not the case anyway but he was a smart man that always believed in playing straight and safe. He had great plans for both of us but unfortunately those plans are now mere imaginations as life is nothing enjoyable without Dullivan.
Contact me on private email address below.
Email:ethlynrichards na hotmail.com
May God bless you.
Mrs. Ethlyn Richards  

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