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But the professional sentiment calmed him suddenly, and he let the astonished old couple out of the house, repeating all the time:
Here is a communication which I have received from the government." And, raising the dispatch, he read:

"Act, then, and promptly. I will accompany you to your house, Pommel, since we are to work together."

"Gracious me, what things you imagine. You mustn't worry about a thing like that. Would you like me to get you something to read?"
"Now," continued the old woman, with singular earnestness, yet smiling strangely at her own folly, "I want one of you, my children- when your mother is dressed and in the coffin--I want one of you to hold a looking-glass over my face. Who knows but I may take a glimpse at myself, and see whether all's right?"

He did not finish the sentence. Something had occurred to him; something so fantastic and absurd that for a moment he felt like telling the nurse about it and having a good laugh.

He was still flying the Spitfire. His right hand was on the stick, and he was working the rudder bar with his left leg alone. It was quite easy. The machine was flying well, and he knew what he was doing.

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