Martin `MJ' Mares mj na ucw.cz
Pondělí Únor 11 22:22:04 CET 2008

Mili Linuxovi kolegove,

zase jsem jednou do pciutils dodelal docela zajimavou featurku,
totiz zjistovani jmen neznamych zarizeni pomoci DNS. Zatim je
ve stadiu alfa, ale kdybyste meli chut si pohrat a pripadne mi
poslat nejaky ten bug report, budu moc rad.

				Martin Mares

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Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 22:19:09 +0100
From: Martin Mares <mj na ucw.cz>
To: Linux-PCI Mailing List <linux-pci na atrey.karlin.mff.cuni.cz>
Subject: pciutils-2.2.9-net1 released
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Hello, world!\n

I have shaken the dust off my experimental version of the pciutils
which uses the DNS to resolve unknown ID's. The code is now much closer
to a releasable form: it maintains a local cache of ID's resolved ID's,
lspci has got a couple of options to control the resolving and lib/names.c
have been split to manageable chunks.

You can get the experimental tarball from:


or fetch the `network' branch from:


Alpha testers are welcome, especially on non-Linux systems. (I have enabled
this feature in the configure script on all architectures except AIX, but
I bet that it will need some tweaks, in particular concerning usage of the
more esoteric resolver functions from libresolve.a.)

I would also welcome people volunteering to run a secondary DNS server
for the DNS zone to help balance the load.

(The zone is still not updated automatically, but I have brough it in sync
with the today's snapshot.)

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