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A note to inform you of the sad news...the wonderful is no more (in case you ddin’t already know). It was an *amazing* site. I know we can’t replace it, but I can suggest two fairly decent sites: and Let me know, though, if you have another suggestion - I can’t come up with one site decent enough to cover the ground that linuxhq did. (By the way, that linuxhq link is on this page:

Let me know, too, if you are up to adding another resource - I am currently trying to learn a little (a *little*) more about linux and am in charge of a community forum...actually, being in charge of the forum is forcing me to learn more about linux, whether I like it or not! :)

Anyway, here’s the link - check it out, join in, link to it, whatever suits you:

The Linux Community Forum

Thanks for your time!

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