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Čtvrtek Červen 13 22:25:47 CEST 2013

Biostem U.S. Corp will be suggested as the first choice deal for 
Friday so help your trade swift buyers as Locks are a liquid rally 
about to create a Mega growth here short term. We presume Friday 
is the better start to join up as Locks are low priced selling 
next to the lower and bouncing. Locks are getting hugely 
recognized at the work. We feel something huge is developing asap 
and at those low levels, the potential earnings might be Massive 
short-term as H AI_R's coverage goes on unfold. Biostem 
Corporation may see some big Momentum asap and Tuesday on the base 
spike this article so get be ready brokers. H AI_R shows to be the 
first choice be in the penny stock markets for any low jump the 
following and today on. 33 hour highest is USD 3.80! As headlines 
increasing and buyer knowledge planning to skyrocket we predict H 
AI_R is a superb buying potential for our traders who are 
interested in swift short-run profits. For this simple fact we are 
highly motivated because it permits us to alert H AI_R for our 
buyers right since it's starting to fly off again short-run. 
Biostem US Corporation yesterday announced great headlines. We 
forsee legendary trading from H AI_R and we recommend that you 
perorm accumulating shares on June 14.

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