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Sobota Červen 15 15:41:18 CEST 2013

This solid pick is setting a momentum that could reach 
record level flying high. The stock prices can move anytime 
now, and with more of key news prepared to be unleashed by 
the management, these pps are a bargain that can not really 
last long! We're delivering an large investment call on H 
A_I_R on Mon, Jun 17th, 2013. Attention we could tell pps 
over the multiple very soon. The opportunity the following 
unbelievable and when the trading goes in control of on the 
the business holds the value, huge amount of capital 
probably be chasing lot higher. Everything is definitely 
showing to some bullish rally within the making, which are 
sustained by solid fundamentals which is just building 
taking each important movements with the company. H A_I_R 
announced the appointment of A. V. Valdes to go up medical 
department and teach surgeons on the Biostem Method of 
re-growth treatments. He to apply his location to the global 
learning for upcoming Biostem U.S. Corp affiliates. We 
expect to have lots more to become announce which will 
definitely get share prices pushing towards new heights. We 
suggest that you get $18`000 of shares on Jun, 17th.

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