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Pátek Březen 25 03:00:25 CET 2016

Good day to you,

My client T. Daniela died last month, February after suffering from a long
time severe Ovarian Cancerous disease. Unfortunately she had no relatives.
She was a successful Business woman who invested in Real Estate Business
and Investments and had a total of 950,000.00 United States Dollars in her
Australian bank account.
Before her death, she made me to promise her that all her wealth should be
donated to charitable organisations and orphanages in your country. She
offered 30% of her funds to a reliable person that can help her accomplish
her last wish. I want her last wish to be fulfilled and i believe that if
this project is executed successfully,her soul can rest in perfect peace in
her grave.
All the necessary documents to facilitate the Inheritance claim process are
currently in my possession.
If you are interested in executing this project, kindly contact me for more

Attorney Richard.
Richard Chambers.

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