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Glad to contact you, This is Jack from Sun Light PCB & Technologies Ltd, We are a pcb/a manufacturer in China.

We provide the Full-spec PCB manufacturing & assembly Service:
1. PCB 1-24 layers. (High-TG, Rogers, Aluminum Based and Copper Based etc.)
2. Flexible Circuit 1-8 layers. (PI, Kapton, 1/3OZ - 2OZ)
3. Rigid-Flex PCB 2-16 layers. (Blind via, HDI)
4. Laser drill HDI-PCB 4-48 layers. (3+N+3, Any-layer) 
5. Components sourcing.
6. PCBA & PCB Copy.
7. Turn-key PCB Assembly. (SMT, THT, BGA, 0201, AOI, X-ray, and function test)

Our advantage:  
1: no any set up cost for repeat order ,  no MOV and MOQ
2: good quality as we have very strictly quality department
3: short production time as we are running on two shifts 
4: more than 10 Years experience

Look forward your inquiry and hope we have a chance to offer service for you.
Thank you and Best regards!

Sun Light PCB & Technologies Ltd. 
Phone(skype):+86 13713972771
Tel: +86-755-2733 8656
WeChat: yanswin
QQ: 454336811
E-mail: sales na

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