Mosfet IDH08SG60C 100K INFINEO

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		Dear Valued customer,

		Good day. 
		I am Lisa from, a professional electronic component supplier.
We promise: Order from 1 pcs, Quick delivery(normally 3-7days) and 1 Year warranty.

		Pls check our transistors' offer today:
		IPS021L 100K IR 2017+ 0.27usd SOT-223
IDH08SG60C 100K INFINEO 2017+ 0.7usd TO-220
IPD600N25N3 G 100K INFINEON 2017+ 0.44usd TO-252
IPD50P04P4-13 100K INFINEO 2017+ 0.22usd
IPB80N08S2-07 100K INFINEON 2017+ 0.43usd
IPD33CN10NGATMA1 100K Infineon 2017+ 0.34usd TO-252
FQD7P06 100KFAIRCHI 2017+ 0.083usd
DMP3010LK3-13 100K DIODES 2016+ 0.2usd
BSC093N04LS 100K INFINEON 2018+ 0.44usd
ITS4142N 100K Infineon 2018+ 0.24usd
PBSS304PZ,135 100K NXP 2017+ 0.11usd
STD30PF03LT4 100K ST 2012+ 0.14usd

Looking forward to your inquiry. : )
		Best Regards 

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