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Milissa Milissa na ocean.freight.customizedparts.de
Neděle Září 25 16:41:47 CEST 2022

hello linux,
I hope everything is fine with you.

We operate from our 3,500 sqm/37,673 sq ft engineering facility in Pingshan New District, Shenzhen, China. We continually invest in the most advanced 5-Axis and CNC engineering machinery. We use the latest CAD, SOLIDWORKS, Pro ENGINEER and UG software which allows us to manufacture highly complex precision components to tight deadlines. Dowse can produce bespoke one-off components, or manufacture larger batch requirements.

Our products including:
I.	molds
A.	Plastic injection molds, 
B.	Die casting molds, according with HASCO, DME standards. 
C.	Especially middle-size and high-precision mold and molding. 

II.	Plastic products;
A.	Automotive, 
B.	Housewares, 
C.	Daily commodities, 
D.	Medical equipment, 
E.	Lightings and so on.

III.	Hardware;
A.	Aluminium alloy casting, 
B.	zinc alloy casting, 
C.	Mag. steel casting 
D.	other hardware products and accessories in industry and household. 
Please direct your reply!

If you would like to submit a request for a quotation, please send your part file, mold specification, processing information, and other requirements to reply to this email directly.
With best regards to your family. 
Warmly,  -  Milissa


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