is there a database solution for this ? thanks

Nicolas Van Dyck nicolas na
Čtvrtek Květen 3 09:30:57 CEST 2001


I'm looking for a database solution for the following problem.

I would like to make kind of a portal website that is database driven.

Now, it has to have combo boxes on the start page that narrow your search
over and over again, untill you see the websites that match the results you

So, e.g. on the homepage you will have the following combo boxes:

"Internet", with the values: providers, hosting, webmasters, etc.
"Hobbies", with the values: music, movie, internet, etc.
"Countries", with the values: Belgium, Holland, USA, Turkey.

Say that i choose "Holland" from the Combo Box "Countries", the page has to
be refreshed, and combo boxes of e.g. "internet" and "hobbies" IN HOLLAND
schould appear.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to create this (online) database ?

All information will be greatly appreciated, thanks a lot for helping me out


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