PROGRAMMER creates dB applications very quickly

Developer art_of_programming na
Čtvrtek Květen 30 10:25:23 CEST 2002

PROGRAMMER creates dB applications very quickly
(remotely or possible to relocate)

Experienced programmer offers quick development of DB applications for
Windows and Unix networks with professional GUI for Windows (client's
application) and databases in Windows or Unix environments - DBA knowledge
of Oracle, Informix, MS SQL, MySQL databases.

Would you have any need for a database application? Or do you have any
problem with your current solutions, e.g. in Access?

If your ACCESS database is very slow or with many transaction problems in
your network environment or your current supplier isn't able to implement
quickly new features or easy repair errors or your database is too big and
you would like to have your program and database on one floppy disc, I'm
able to help you.

No problem for me to import your current ACCESS database schema and create
multi-user GUI application (native 16 or 32bit .EXE) for your personal
computer or your network with integrated professional database in Windows or
Unix environment.

Mail:  art_of_programming na

Working languages: English, German, Czech.


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