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 Shen Zhen Fortune Trade Firm 

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We has been specializing in the inverter welding mahcine , accessories and consumables. With rich experience and
lots of advantages for production and sales,we have a strong confidence in offering the most suitable products
with the most competitive price for you.

The below are the list for welding machines ,accessories and consumables.

                                  (一)  Welding Machine

1)	  MMA Series:                       ARC(ZX7) ---85/110/140/160/200/250/315/400/500/630
2)	  TIG Series:                       TIG (WS)---140/160S/200S/250/300S/400I
3)	  TIG/MMA Series:                   TIG (WS)---180A/250A/300A
4)	  TIG and MMA with Pulse Series:    TIG (WS)---180P/200P/250P/315P/400P
5)	  AC/DC TIG/Pulse Series:           WSME--200/315/500 (TIG 315 AC/DC and TIG 500 AC/DC)
6)	  AC/DC TIG without Pulse Series:   WSE----200/250(TIG200 AC/DC and TIG250 AC/DC)
7)	  Semi-automatic Gas shieled Series:MIG(NBC)---200S/200Y/250Y/350II/500II/630II
8)	  Plasma Cutting Series:            CUT(LGK)---30/40/60/70/80/100/160
9)	  TIG/CUTTING:                      LGK40sx/WS-180sx-2
10)	  MMA/TIG/CUTTING:                  CT---312/416
11)	  Submerged Arc Series:             MZ---630/800/1000/1250
12)	  Stub Welding:                     SW---1600/2500
13)       Auto welding machines:           Automatatic Fillct carriage/Battery Power Flame Cutting
                                           Carriage/Filer and Multipurpose Welding Carriage Advance 
                                           Light Weight Fillet Welding Carriage
                                   (二) Accessories
  1. TIG torch and replacement:
      1) WP-12/WP-18/18F/18p Water Cooled Tig Welding Torch
      2) WP-17/17V/17FV/WP-26/26F/26FV/26P Air Cooled Tig Welding Torch
  2. Cutting torch:
      2)JG-160 (DC-160A)/JG-250 (DC-250A)/LGK-200 WATER COOLED TORCH
        TORCH (50A)/ESAB/L-TEC PT31 TORCH (40A)
  3. MIG torch:
     1) Binzel MB15AK/MB24 KD/25AK/MB36 KD
     2) Panasonic YT180A/ YT200A/ YT350A/ YT500A
     3) ERGO 15AK/24 KD/25AK/36 KD
  4. screw torch: WS-6/WS-8
  5. gouging torch:  T-4,K-3/K-5/K-4000
Kindly let you know that we also supply all consumables and replacements for the above TIG torch,MIG torch,
and Plasma cutting torch ,etc.Such as:eletrode and contact tip, shielded cup, diffuser, contact tip adapter,
nozzle, gas hose,Argon/CO2 rugulater,central socket, Euro quick plug,electrode holder ,earth clamp, tungsten,
helmet,electrode oven ,etc.

We sincerely look forward to having a chance to do the business with you. Also,we sincerely hope we can establish 
the long term business partnership with you and reach the Win-Win situation and make fortune together.

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