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Licensed Physicians in America 

788,584 in total – 17,419 emails

Lots of Physicians in specialties like Orthopedics, Surgery, Radiology, Dermatology, Neurology, General Practice etc..

Can easily be sorted by 16 different fields

Price for this week only =  $326

*** Recieve the data below at no charge when you buy the Physician Contact List above ***

List of US Pharma Companies
Personal email addresses (5000 in total) and names for execs

Listing of US Hospitals
23,000 Admins in more than 7,000 hospitals {a $399 value]

American Dentists
More than half a million listings [worth $299 alone!]

American Chiropractors Directory
100k Chiropractors offices with full contact data including email, postal address, phone and fax

send and email to:       profstats na    or by phone: 1 (206) 666-2137

Only good until October 5

for stopping this email in future send us an email with 289 in the subject

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