Tips for install under RedHat

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Úterý Leden 25 16:01:18 CET 2011


Just a few tips for what to do after you install the Interbase
superserver on RedHat 6.2 using the rpm file.

I looked through what I could find and it was a bit sparse,
So here are some tips for what I found along the way.

This stuff is just to get it up and testing the install.

In the documentation (yes the 10Meg download) the Operations Guide is
essential to figure out what is happening (even though a lot of it is Nt
base, some a bit old, and the unix bit is missleading in a few places).

Im no guru in this space,  but hopefully these tips will be useful.

PS: To those looking to modify the Linux install script the Postgress
one is a good place to start, it does a nice job in adding users/and
init stuff.


1) Install

su root

rpm -Uvh Interbase**.rpm

2) Check trust for localhost

The localhost needs to be trusted by the server machine.
Make sure have an entry in /etc/hosts.equiv file:


(I also have additional machines including 'moffice' the actual machine,
I don't know if this makes any difference - Some of the reading
suggested localhost was enough).

3) Start database

su root
(You will need to be root here - as a result of the rpm install, see
operations guide for how to change it )

cd /usr/local/interbase/bin
./ibmgr -start -password masterkey

(The default user SYSDBA with password 'masterkey' is the only user
currently.  You need this to start the database).

4) Open a database

cd /usr/local/interbase/bin
./isql  -user SYSDBA -password masterkey

SQL>connect /usr/local/interbase/examples/employee.gdb;
SQL>show tables;

(Hopefully that worked - if not the start posting something here and see
if someone knows anything)

5)  Set up interbase as 'service'
See the operations manual, superserver has some suff saying "it's not a
service" (since superserver),  and a demo script (although apparently it
includes a syntax error) to install in init.d.

Hopefully that worked, it took me several hours to figure out the above
using newsgroups/ documentation)

Now to interclient....




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