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medium. However, the industry remains beset with excess inventory, followi=
ng unsustainable demand in the late 1990's. A reduction in spots and/or lo=
wer prices could limit near term growth, yet support long term growth, giv=
ing investors something to chase.

TV is about to enter the growth phase of its two year cycle, but its low g=
rowth, single revenue stream is likely the main target for local cable TV =
and should also be impacted by increased DVR penetration, which gives the =
firm little to get excited about. 


Oct. 2003
 Receives 6.14 Million Dollar Purchase Order For 45,000 Flat Antennas
Sept. 2003
 Purchases Patent for Key Operating Mechanism of DBS Flat Antenna
Sept. 2003
 Completes Development of Flat Antenna
May. 2002
 Canada DBS (Star Choice) two horn LNB P/O for (USD 450,000)
Feb. 2002
 Canada DBS (Star Choice) two horn LNB P/O for (USD 675,000)
Dec. 2001
 Canada DBS (Star Choice) two horn LNB P/O for (USD 75,000)
Sept. 2001
 Canada DBS (Star Choice) two horn LNB P/O for (USD 1,200,000) 
July 2001
 Patent application for LNB design and pattern
May 2001
 Purchase order of Canadian BS (two horn LNB)
April 2001
 Establishment of MB Tech, Inc.
Jan. 2001
 Canada DBS two horn LNB successful field test
Sept. 2000
 SBCA (Satellite Broadcasting & Communications Association) Membership Cer=
Aug. 2000
 Development of 3 types of LNB (CAN TYPE); application of patent of new de=
vice and patent of new design (app# 00-22512,22513, 22514)
July 2000
 SBCA (USA); DBS field test in S. Africa; DBS field test in Australia
May 2000
 DBS field test in Thailand; Media Cast (London); DBS field test in Russia=

April 2000
 Application for patent of new device and patent of new design, patent app=
# 10-2000-0017958
March 2000
 Development of 3 types of LNB (DSS type)

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