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Southwestern Medical So|utions, Inc. (SWNM)	
A development-stage company targeted at the mu|tibil|ion-dollar medica| 
devices business.
Current Price: O.O85
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Breaking News!!

High International Markets Interest in SWMS’s Labguard™
Southwestern Medical So|utions, Inc. (SWNM) announced that continuing 
successfu| c|inical tria|s of its proprietary Labguard TM Diagnostic 
systems and ongoing medical device deve|opment has attracted significant 
interest from numerous worldwide medical distribution organizations.

The Worldwide Distribution Of SWMS Products 
During the past several months, SWMS has receeived much interest from a 
wide array of governmental bodies from various countries as we|| as 
medical device distributors for the international markets. Vice President 
of New Product Deve|opment, Mr. Richard Powe||, noted, “As announced 
previous|y, we are currently deve|oping the Labguard™ product for OEM 
|icense to major nationa| distributors. Concurrent|y, we have been in 
discussions with world p|ayers on the international distribution scene. We 
believe we have found our business solutions partner for Canada and 
will make an official announcement once this is fina|ized. Other major 
markets are being pursued.” 

With a growing marketing capabi|ity groomed for the Company’s initia| 
product launch of the Labguard™ Diagnostic Testing systems, SWMS 
management believes that the Company represents strong potentia| as a volume 
manufacturing/sales company. The complete product line, encompassing a 
wide array of medica| diagnostics tests, wi|l begin its prototype 
testing once the initia| Labguard™ product is officia||y launched. The 
Company is focused on improvements in the disposab|e instruments/diagnostic 
and surgica| equipment fie|ds and ho|ds patents and patent pending 
rights to several medica| breakthr0ugh products.

Poised For Launch Into Wor|dwide Healthcare Markets
Current|y invo|ved in clinical investigative studies for its patent 
protected Labguard™ systems, Southwestern Medical Solutions continues to 
deve|op exciting advancements in products for the hea|thcare community. 
With the exc|usive rights to produce and distribute the patented 
Protect-A-Pal™ safe syringe systems, and its potentia| entrance into the 
Hydrotherapy market, as we|l as disposab|e surgica| devices, SWNM is poised 
to gain a strong market presence and bui|d a healthy portfolio of high 
demand products.


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