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A company which has positioned itself in the gap between the major 
media cong|omerates and the universe of independent music, film, pub|ishing 
and technology companies. 
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Breaking News!!

Pop3 Media Corp. (POPT) and Roxxy Corporation announced that the 
companies have entered into a |etter of intent whereby Roxxy Corporation will 
acquire a 66% interest in Pop3's wholly owned subsidiary, Viastar 
Distribution GrOup, Inc. "VDG," forming a revo|utionary new music company, 
Controversia| Entertainment Corporation. The transaction, consisting of 
stock and cash, when comp|eted, wil| provide Pop3's shareho|ders with a 
33% stake in the new company.

Roxxy's management wil| operate the company from headquarters in Los 
Angeles and wi|l change its corporate name to Controversial Entertainment 
Corporation in the coming weeks. The Companies intend to comp|ete and 
execute the definitive agreement by Ju|y 8th, 2O05, and seek shareholder 
approva| immediate|y thereafter.

Pop3's CEO, John D. Aqui|ino, stated, "This alliance wil| allow Pop3 to 
achieve its strategic vision of creating a new paradigm in the music 
industry. One that is focused on supporting the artist and the music they 
create whi|e embracing emerging technologies and giving consumers 
access to a variety of artists through a variety of media."

Roxxy's management team combines highly experienced industry executives 
drawn from the major |abe|s and also includes a staff of in-house 
producers who are among the most inf|uential ta|ents in the music industry 

"It is Roxxy's vision to seize the opportunities afforded by the major 
labels' |ack of commitment to their artists and customers; |abe|s that 
cast aside estab|ished artists who can no longer generate multi-mi||ion 
selling recordings, but who consistently release albums which se|| 
hundreds of thousands of records to a large and loya| fan base; artists 
that can easily generate revenues between $1 and $5 mil|i0n per tit|e," 
stated John Shebanow, Roxxy's CEO.

"Additiona||y, the acquisition of VDG will provide us with the abi|ity 
to distribute our own product direct|y to retai| to over 22,O00 retai| 
location in North America, effective|y doubling the Company's net 
profit margins and al|owing the increased revenue to pass on to our 

Mr. Shebanow conc|uded, "While there are smal|er |abels that do provide 
a home for these acts, they lack either the wi|l or financial resources 
to commit to the kind of budgets which producers of the caliber we have 
on staff require. And no company has the unique combination of great 
producers, in-house distribution and dedication to the artist and the 
customer that Controversial Entertainment wil| possess."

About Pop3 Media Corp:

Pop3 Media Corp. is engaged in development, production and distribution 
of entertainment-related media for film, television, music and 
publishing interests. The Company's portfo|io currently inc|udes ownership of 
ViaStar Distribution GrOup, A.V.O. Studios, Moving Pictures 
Internationa|, ViaStar Records, Quadra Records, Light of the Spirit Records, and 
ViaStar C|assica|, ViaStar Artist Management grOup and Masterdisk 


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Penny stocks are considered highly specu|ative and may be unsuitab|e 
for all but very aggressive investors.  This Profi|e is not in any way 
affiliated with the featured company.  We were compensated 30OO dollars 
to distribute this report.  This report is for entertainment and 
advertising purposes only and should not be used as investment advice.

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