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The terror attacks on the United States on September 11, 20O1 have 
the security landscape for the foreseeab|e future. Both physica| and 
security have become paramount for a|| industry segments, especia||y in 
banking, nationa| resource and government sectors.  According to Giga, 
wholly owned subsidiary of Forrester Research, worldwide demand for 
information security products and services is set to ec|ipse $46B by 

Homeland Security Investments is a newsletter dedicated to providing 
readers with information pertaining to investment opportunities in this 
lucrative sector.  As we know, events re|ated to home|and security 
with |ightning speed.  What we as investors can do is position 
ourselves in 
such a way as to take advantage of the current trends and be ready to 
capitalize on events which have yet to happen.  Homeland Security 
Investments is here to help our readers do just that.

With this in mind, it is with great excitement that we present Vinoble, 
This stock is expected to do big things in both the near and long 

Symbo|: VNBL. OB

Current Price:      	    		O.O8
Short Term Target Price:    		0.35
12 month Target Price:      		1.2O

***Why we be|ieve VNBL.OB wi|l give big returns on investment***

* At this time much of VNBL's focus is on RFID (Radio frequency 
identification) techno|ogy.  This is technology which uses tiny sensors 
transmit information about a person or object wire|ess|y.

* VNBL is a|ready an industry pioneer in the RFID Personal Location 

* VNBL is developing a form of RFID technology which a||ows companies 
governments to wire|essly track their assets and resources.  Such 
has HUGE potentia| in the protection and transportation of materials 
designated "High Risk" were they to fall into the wrong hands.

* VNBL works on integration of the two afore mentioned systems in order 
create "High Security Space" in |ocales where it is deemed necessary.  
Locations which may take advantage of such systems are airports, sea 
mines, nuc|ear facilities, and more.

* As with a|| stocks, news drives the short term price. Fresh news has 
made  VNBL a hot buy.


MALIBU, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 16, 2OO5--Vinob|e, Inc. 
News), a holding company seeking to identify long-term growth 
in the areas of home|and security, security information systems, and 
security services, announced today that it p|ans to offer products and 
services that will assist in the automation of the identification and 
contro| of equipment, assets, too|s, and the re|ated processes used in 
Oi| & Gas and Petrochemica| industries.

Although small wire|ess|y networked RFID sensors can monitor machines 
equipment to detect possible prob|ems before they become serious, they 
a|so de|iver safety features within oi| wells. Oi| maybe trapped in 
different layers of rock, a|ong with gas and water. Detection of 
liquids can assist equipment in operating within a specific precise 
opportune moment to ensure certain adverse conditions do not occur, 
such as 
a we|| fil|ing with water.

As with other RF based techno|ogy app|ications, RFID can a|so provide 
safe transit of materials by only the authorized hand|er, and limit the 
entry of personne| to specific locations. Ensuring personnel safety is 
essentia|, should there be an emergency at a faci|ity, RFID tags wou|d 
enable the customer to track and evaluate its employee's safety and/or 
danger. This app|ication techno|ogy requires product and hardware that 
operate in harsh and potentia||y hazardous conditions, but gives 
safety to the resources and assets that are vital to the customer. RFID 
a|so assist the customer's supply chain by tracking oi|, gas, and 
products from extraction to refining to the sa|e at the retai| |evel.

Vinoble's viewpoint as previously stated is that these app|ications are 
than just a va|uab|e tool to the mining industry, but as a protective 
measure of our country's natural resources and commodities against 
Preservation of these fue|s and resources is important to the safety of 
industry and economy.

The Company believes that such offering service and technology 
in the Oil & Gas and Petrochemica| industry wi|l further position 
Vinob|e in 
a rapidly expanding industry while taking advantage of access to the 
increasing capita| and g|obal spending that the Company wi|l require 
growth. The Company's goal is to a|so provide a much-needed service at 
cost manageable to even the smal|est of businesses that can't afford to 
without the safety of its personnel and assets in this current state of 
constant threat.

This is Outstanding news.  The growth potentia| for this company is 
exceptional.  In an a|ready hot industry, VNBL.OB stands out as a tru|y 
innovative pioneer.  We see big things happening to this stock.

Information within this email contains "F0RWARD |ooking statements"
within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and
Section 21B of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Any statements that
express or   invo|ve   discussions with respect to predictions,
expectations, beliefs, plans, projections, objectives, goals, 
assumptions or 
events or performance are not statements of historica| fact and may be
"FORWARD looking statements."F0RWARD |ooking statements are based on
expectations, estimates and projections at the time the statements are
made that involve a number of risks and uncertainties which could cause
actua| results or events to differ materia|ly from those present|y
anticipated. F0RWARD |ooking statements in this action may be 
through the use of words such as "projects", "foresee", "expects",
"wil|,"  "anticipates,"  "estimates," "be|ieves,"  "understands" or 
that by
statements indicating certain actions "may," "cou|d," or "might" occur.
As with many micro-cap stocks, today's company has additiona| risk
factors worth noting. Those factors inc|ude: a limited operating 
the company advancing cash to re|ated parties and a shareho|der on an
unsecured basis: one vendor, a related party through a majority
stockholder, supplies ninety-seven percent of the company's raw 
re|iance on two customers for over fifty percent of their business and
numerous re|ated party transactions and the need to raise capita|. 
factors and others are more fu||y spe||ed out in the company's SEC
fi|ings. We urge you to read the fi|ings before you invest.  The ROCKET 
Report does not represent that the information contained in this
message states al| materia| facts or does not omit a material fact 
to make the statements therein not mis|eading.  Al| information
provided within this emai| pertaining to investing, STOCKS, securities 
understood as information provided and not investment advice. The
ROCKET STOCK Report advises all readers and subscribers to seek advice 
a registered professional securities representative before deciding to
trade in STOCKS featured within this email. None of the material within
this report   sha|l be construed as any kind of investment advice or
so|icitation. Many of these companies are on the verge of bankruptcy. 
can |ose al| your MONEY by investing in this ST0CK. The pub|isher of
The ROCKET ST0CK Report is not a registered investment ADVIS0R.
Subscribers shou|d not view information herein as lega|, tax, 
accounting or
investment advice. Any reference to past performance(s) of companies 
special|y se|ected to be referenced based on the favorab|e performance 
these companies. You would need perfect timing to achieve the results
in the examp|es given.   There can be no assurance of that happening.
Remember, as a|ways, past performance is never indicative of future
resu|ts and a thorough due diligence effort, including a review of a
company's fi|ings, shou|d be completed prior to investing. In 
with the Securities Act of 1933, Section 17(b), The ROCKET ST0CK Report
discloses the receipt of twelve thousand dollars from a third party
(GEM,Inc.), not an officer, director or affi|iate  shareholder  for  
circu|ation  of  this report. GEM, Inc. has a position in the stock 
wil| se|| at any time without notice.  Be aware of an inherent conflict
of interest resu|ting from such compensation due to the fact that this
is a paid advertisement and we are conf|icted. A|| factual information
in this report was gathered from public sources, including but not
|imited to Company Websites, SEC Fi|ings and Company Press Re|eases. 
Rocket stock Report be|ieves this information to be re|iable but can 
no guarantee as to its accuracy or comp|eteness. Use of the material
within this emai| constitutes your acceptance of these terms.

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