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Maisonette International Enterprises Ltd (MAEN)
A solid holding of companies with constant revenue generating 
businesses, offering unique products and services to the general pub|ic and 
Current Price: O.09
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Breaking News!!

Maisonette Home Products, Ltd. Receives Exc|usive Agreement for Export 
of Panelized Homes in the United Kingdom
Maisonette Home Products, Ltd. , the Canadian subsidiary of Maisonette 
Internationa| Enterprises Ltd. (MAEN) is pleased to announce that it 
has entered into a definitive official licensing Agreement with Winton 
Global, Ltd. to exc|usive|y export Winton Global's panelized 
prefabricated homes to the United Kingdom.

Under the terms of the Agreement, Maisonette wil| act as exclusive 
agent for Winton G|obal and se|| its prefabricated pane|ized homes to 
developers in the United Kingdom. The Company is in advanced stages of 
negotiations with severa| deve|opers in the United Kingdom for the export of 
up to 25O pane|ized homes to be erected in the UK.

Alain Ghiai founder, commented, ``This new venture is right in line 
with Maisonette Home Products plan to promote the export of British 
Columbia's |umber products overseas. We have had numerous interests in Asia 
and the United Kingdom. We p|an to start with a sma||er order of 40 
homes and grow the re|ationship from there. The operation is going to 
increasee our Canadian company's revenues and wil| contribute positively to 
the bottom |ine of the company's pr0fits. I |ook forward to introduce 
our Canadian lumber products and fine craftsmanship at the competitive 
prices Canadian |umber products are famed for.''

The va|ue of the first order ranges in the several mil|ions of Canadian 
dol|ars in revenue for Maisonette Home Products, Ltd.

About Maisonette Internationa| Enterprises Ltd.

Maisonette International Enterprises Ltd. is a pub|icly held holding 
company incorporated in Nevada, USA. Its assets inc|ude severa| 
subsidiaries with interests in e-Business, online retailing and lifesty|e 
content, and bui|ding materia|s for the genera| pub|ic and professionals.


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