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Sobota Květen 27 19:53:56 CEST 2006

We WILL lend you the money you need

We have special arrangements with dozens of top lenders.

Some of them specialise in cases where the homeowner has no proof
of income or negative equity.

Some of them do not care about arrears and poor credit ratings

Some of them offer stunning rates as low as 3.75%, and offer
loans of over $2,000,000

Some of them offer relief loans of as little as $20,000 to give
you room to breathe!  You could pay for a car or go on holiday as

We will do the searching for you, use our special arrangements
with lenders to find you the loan that YOU need.

Give us your details and we will have them contact you with *no*
obligation.  You will be contacted by up to three lenders within
the next 72 hours, at the time and number that you specify.  We
can call you at home or at work, and you tell us when.

We can help.

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