I micro the scale

Luisa Hines hmetropolis_74 na anglopackaging.co.uk
Čtvrtek Říjen 26 02:00:42 CEST 2006

Reference to baseball and its anatomical incorrectness. Butter is gold in the morning, silver at noon, lead at night. Politics makes strange bedfellows. Why worry? If you worry - you die. If you don't worry - you'll still die So why worry? Don't bite the hand that feeds you.
People with real money don't talk about it. Possible Interpretation: Someone who is good at everything is not outstandingly good at anything. When your only tool is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.
The highest attainable level of quality. (also used is: Good as Greg.) And drinking largely sobers us again. No hoof, no horse. Misery loves company.
Fine words butter no parsnips. It's an ill wind that blows no good. The start of a journey should never be mistaken for success. There's no place like home--The Wizard of OZ A penny saved is a penny earned. Many things are lost for want of asking.
The key to all action lies in belief. No man is an island History repeats itself. Also: Don't shut the gate after the horse has bolted.
Laughter is the best medicine. The coat makes the man. Scratch my back and I will scratch yours. There are no Facts; only interpretations of Facts. Meaning: It's up to you to decide.

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