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On Mon, 25 Nov 1996, Sauer David wrote:

> Dobre odpoledne,
>  mel bych otazku na hudebne vzdelane. Existuji nejake konvertory .mid 
> na neco, pro co neni treba midi port ? Staci i jen prehravac .mid. 
> Nebo bych chtel trochu moc?
>                                 David Sauer
>                                 xsauer na hwlab.felk.cvut.cz

vycuc z SOUND_HOWTO :


Some people recommend this experimental program because of good sound
quality (which is very true, it's much better than mp on a Sound Blaster
16, though probably won't be much different on a GUS).
However, it suffers from high CPU loads. It plays
MIDI by first converting MIDI to WAV and then plays the WAV (you can also
convert a MIDI file to a WAV file without playing if you want). This is
the reason for its CPU intensive nature.

The latest version of timidity can be found at 
http://www.clinet.fi/~toivonen/timidity/. This page also contains a link
to a small library of GUS patches. The Motif version can be found at

vela stastia :)

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