Knizky o Linuxu od O'Reillyho

Jan Kasprzak kas na
Středa Listopad 27 11:16:12 CET 1996

	Dobry den,

	forwarduji sem informaci o Linuxove WWW strance
nakladatelstvi ORA. Je to sice vicemene reklamni dopis, ale
vzhledem k tomu, ze nebyl poslan primo do konference
a ze se tyka Linuxu, rozhodl jsem se, ze to sem poslu.
Pokud nechcete byt obtezovani reklamou, nectete forwardovany text.
Link na jejich stranku jsem pridal do Czech Linux Homepage.

	Pokud nechcete, abych takoveto komercni nabidky
(jen tykajici se Linuxu) do konference forwardoval, napiste mi
a ja se podle toho zaridim.

-Yenya, spravce konference linux na

: ************************************************************************
: Please check out the new O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. Linux Web
: Site at
: It has:
:  * Free excerpt from Linux Multimedia Guide
:  * Interview with Olaf Kirch
:  * Recommended links to the best Linux web sites.
:  * Links to our Unix & Linux book pages
: We hope you find this site useful.
: O'Reilly and Associates, Inc. is pleased to announce the following
: three titles that may also be of interest to you.  These three 
: titles are forthcoming.  Please contact your favorite bookstore if 
: you'd like to place an advance order.
: Programming with GNU Software
: By Mike Loukides & Andy Oram
: 1st Edition, due mid-December 1996 (est.)
: 1-56592-112-7, 260 pages (est.) $39.95 (est.), Includes CD-ROM
: This book and CD combination is a complete package for programmers who
: are new to UNIX or who would like to make better use of the system.
: The tools come from Cygnus Support, Inc., and Cyclic Software,
: companies that provide support for free software. Contents include GNU
: Emacs, gcc, C and C++ libraries, gdb, RCS, and make. The book provides
: an introduction to all these tools for a C programmer.  For more
: information visit:
: Linux in a Nutshell
: By Jessica P. Hekman and the Staff of O'Reilly & Associates
: 1st Edition due in mid-January 1997 (est.)
: 1-56592-167-4, 650 pages (est.), $19.95 (est.)
: The desktop reference for Linux, Linux in a Nutshell covers the core
: commands available on common Linux distributions.  This isn't a
: scaled-down quick reference of common commands, but a complete
: reference containing all user, programming,administration, and
: networking commands. Also documents a wide range of GNU tools. For
: more information visit:
: Writing GNU Emacs Extensions: Editor Customizations and Creations 
: with Lisp
: By Bob Glickstein, 1st Edition, due in February, 1997 (est.)
: 250 pages (est.), 1-56592-261-1, $29.95 (est.) 
: This book introduces Emacs Lisp and tells you how to make the editor
: do whatever you want, whether it's altering the way text scrolls or 
: inventing a whole new "major mode."  Topics progress from simple to 
: complex; from lists, symbols, and keyboard commands to syntax tables, macro
: templates, and error recovery.  The web page for this book has not 
: been put on-line yet.
: Check in December for more
: information.
: Please note that these are working titles and the publication dates
: and prices may change slightly.  
: Other recent released O'Reilly books that may be of interest.
: Learning GNU Emacs, 2nd Edition, 
: By Debra Cameron, Bill Rosenblatt & Eric Raymond published September
: 1996, 1-56592-152, 560 pages, $29.95.  More information can be found
: at
: Running Linux, 2nd Edition, 
: By Matt Welsh & Lar Kaufman, published August 1996 1-56592-151-8, 650
: pages, $29.95
: More information can be found at
: Linux Multimedia Guide,
: By Jeff Tranter,1st Edition published September 1996
: 1-56592-219-0, 386 pages, $32.95
: More information can be found at
: O'Reilly has discontinued the Running Linux Companion CD-ROM
: Please contact Red Hat at for the most 
: current Red Hat Linux release.
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