Dosemu v-net problem

Dufek Pavel P.Dufek na
Čtvrtek Listopad 28 00:45:55 CET 1996

	I have problem running v-net (dosnet.o module) from 0.63 and 0.64 
dosemulator in 2.0.x(25 in my case) kernel. Problem is, that the driver 
uses dev->type_trans handler for packet type translation. But this 
handler in 2.0.x kernel does not exist (compare include/linux/netdevice.h 
in 1.x and 2.0.x kernels). The last good working configuration (for me) 
was dosemu 0.60.4 and 1.2.13 kernel. In the new dosemu(0.63 and more) is 
the dosnet.c driver "repaired" and there is dev->type used instead of 
dev->type_trans, what is (in my opinion) nonsense. 
	Has anyone working driver or idea how to get the driver work? I 
don't like writing kernel device drivers !
					Pavel Dufek
					P.Dufek na

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