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Čtvrtek Říjen 17 17:58:49 CEST 1996

Mozna by se timto upgradem mohly castecne vyresit nejake problemy:

E2fsprogs 1.06 (October 7, 1996)

Fixed serious bug in e2fsck: if the block descriptors are bad, don't
smash the backup copies in ext2fs_close().  (The problem was that when
e2fsck -p discovered the problem, while it was closing the filesystem
and exiting, it was also blowing away the backup superblocks on the
disk, which was less than friendly.)  We now make it the case that we
only write out the backup superblock and the back block descriptors if
the filesystem is completely free from problems.

Jaromir Zdrazil
E-mail:     Jaromir.Zdrazil na vsb.cz

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