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What is OSF/Motif ?

   Motif is a set of user interface guidelines developed by the Open
   Software Foundation (OSF) around 1989. The Motif toolkit (Xt) enforces
   a policy on top of the X toolkit Intrinsics (Xt) which is a "mechanism
   not policy" layer. The Xm toolkit imposes a common "look and feel".
   OSF/Motif is the major Graphical User Interface (GUI) technology for
   Open Systems and has an IEEE standard (No. 1295)  

   Motif consists of 4 parts :-

     * User Interface Guideline
     * Xm - (guideline conforming) API toolkit of 'C' routines, any
       application built with the Motif toolkit comprising of about 40
       didgets) will run under any window manager
     * mwm - the Motif Window Manager will run any application built with
       any X-windows API
     * UIL language

   OSF (Open Software Foundation) have recently merged with the other
   Open Systems standards body called X/Open and are now called the Open
   Group and includes the support of about 300 companies and research
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