Jak bootovat NT 4.0 z Lilo?

Milan Kropacek Milan.Kropacek na p60u01.hrk.pvt.cz
Středa Říjen 23 17:23:30 CEST 1996

On 23 Oct 96 at 14:44, Lubor Dedina wrote:

> Nazdar vsichni,
> nevim, jak bootovat Windows NT 4.0 pomoci Lilo.

K  provozovani NT a Linuxu na jedne masine, mohu rici jen to, co 
jsem kdysi nasel nekde v comp.os.linux.* (nebo kde...):

> >: Is it possible to boot Windows NT from lilo? This worked for
> >: Windows 95, but NT says something about "Can't find NTLDR."
> >: Am I going to have to use the NT boot manager?
> >
> NT seems to like it's boot manager, and it doesn't like to be messed
> with. The only way I ever got this working on my PC was to use a LILO on
> a floppy (only one sector read in so it boots up really fast). Another
> possibility is to use the NT boot manager, and select MS-DOS and then
> from DOS use loadlin or whatever.
> Steve-
I'm not sure this is on topic, but I have lilo/Linux as a menu selection on
my NT boot menu.  This is due to a post by John Valpine (jedev na mit.edu),
but who attributes it to Aiden McCaughey.  I give only the method I used
for my particular setup:

1) copy the mbr to a mounted floppy:
dd if=/dev/hda1 of=/mnt/floppy/linldr bs=512 count=1

2) run lilo with lilo.conf set to boot=/mnt/floppy/linldr (and floppy still

3) copy the "linldr" file on the floppy to your dos partition (I have Win95
and NT in the same DOS partition, drive C:)

4) edit the NT file boot.ini by adding a line:


5) reboot; as John says, "the NT bootloader will now display an option to
boot linux.  Selecting this option will take you to the lilo prompt"  (in
step 2 above I set the delay to 0, so for me selecting linux immediately
boots it...)

Sorry if this is a bit incoherent, John Valpine wrote it up in much clearer
way; perhaps he could be persuaded to repost it or make it a mini-HOWTO. It
works great!  If only WinNT worked half as well...

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