uuencode malfunction

Michael Mraka michael na informatics.muni.cz
Pátek Duben 4 10:08:42 CEST 1997

>mam maly problem. Ked dam uuencode daco.nieco > nieco.daco
>tak mi to stuhne a nedeje sa vobec nic. Nevie niekto
>kde by mohol byt zakopany pes ?

Tip: How about spending a few minutes in the Help? 

man uuencode

       uuencode [ file ] name

       Uuencode reads file (or by default the standard input) and
		 writes an encoded version to  the  standard  output.   The
		 encoding  uses only printing ASCII characters and includes
		 the mode of the file and the operand name for use by uude-
		 code .

IMHO 99% vasich problemu, ktere jste sem doposud poslal se dali vyresit
prectenim manove stranky. (Zkuste se zamyslet co tim chtel basnik rici.)

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