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At 12:13 26.4.1997 +0200, you wrote:
>Martin [Keso] Keseg wrote:
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>> >Eugene Svoboda wrote:
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>> >> Muze mi nekdo vysvetlit proc pouzivate Linux??
>> >> Evzen
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>> Velmi jednoduche vysvetlenie.
>> http://www.infoworld.com/cgi-bin/displayNew.pl?/poy/poydos.htm
>No podival jsem se a nasel jsem:
>However, it's probably
>              no surprise that we selected Microsoft Windows
>  NT Workstation 4.0 as a Product of the Year award winner.
>To moc nerika o vyhodach Linuxu, ze?

To teda nie,... neviem kde je chyba ale ja na danej adrese nachadzam aj
tieto riadky:

With new software always coming from Microsoft
              and IBM, the desktop operating system market
              changes every year. And so do our opinions.
              Last year we were unimpressed with the crop of
              OS offerings and didn't bother to bestow a
  Product of the Year award in this category; this year we present
  two. One of them goes to Red Hat Linux 4.0. Linux has
  traditionally enjoyed a great deal of popularity outside of the
  corporate environment. But as
  establishing an Internet presence
  becomes significant for
  businesses, Linux -- already
  embraced by several Internet
  service providers -- becomes a
  natural choice. Red Hat brings
  together a winning combination of
  software such as the Metro/X
  windows accelerator, a
  multiprocessor-ready kernel, true plug-and-play autodetection,
  and the best features one might expect from this implementation
  of Unix. Red Hat also includes its own desktop windows with a
  Windows 95 look and feel. A growing list of software vendors
  provide applications for Linux, and standard Unix accessories,
  such as a compiler and GNU emacs, a popular GUI text editor,
  are in there, as well as HTTP, FTP, and Telnet daemons. For
  those who like to peek under the OS hood, Red Hat also
  includes a complete source-code library.

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