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Úterý Duben 29 18:15:01 CEST 1997

asa Hi guys!

I'm one supervisor of our computer network at school. We use Novell as 
file server with NetWare 3.11.
With Novell itself we don't have any problems, but we now want to 
install a second server that acts as an internet server. So we installed 
a linux-server.
Since we want some special security and accounting gimmicks we HAVE to 
get directory information about the Novell volumes. This does work 
already! We can mount the drives connected to Novell and can get an 
directory listing.
We can also view and change the bindery and can get all other service 
Novell offers (like printing services, messaging services, userlist 
information, etc....)
The only thing that does NOT work is this: we would have to find out the 
OWNER of a file generated on the Novell server. Just the user-login - 
that's it! Nothing more, nothing less.
ls -l under Linux does not display the correct information.
So I now wanted to ask you whether you knew where to get programs that 
would take care of that or wether you knew an easy solution to this 
problem. Let me just repeat it: we need information about who created a 
special file on the Novell server. Everything else is working perfectly. 
Just that!

If you know anything I would like to ask you to send all comments to:
    mwehner na
Thank you very much for your help!!


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