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Millionaire with non-profit foundation seeking successful people from all walks of life 
for extended experiment in 1) creating great personal wealth for  participants and 2) for 
participation in a self study course in how to always have whatever is wanted or desired, 
without limit or compromise.  APPLICANTS MUST HAVE PRIOR SUCCESS IN 
SOME FIELD, any field.  Teamwork skills and willingness to learn are essential. Must 
be willing and able to devote single-minded focus for six month  project.  Must possess 
desire for the freedom that personal wealth creates.  Must be willing to work with large 
amounts of cash.  There will be two short telephone interviews to determine potential 
suitability for the position.   THIS PROJECT IS NOT FOR EVERYONE.    Call 1-800-
372-3134x2002 and leave your number (which will be held in strict confidence) and time 
of day to call for follow-up interviews.  DO NOT EMAIL.  All emails will be ignored.

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