Debt Consolidation Loan Program

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We are not a direct loan company. This is not
for a loan. We cut your debt by consolidating 
your unsecured bills, where a loan would not 
get you out of debt, but dig your hole even 

There is a FREE $10.00 Calling Card at the end of this message.
     No Credit Check Needed.
     No Collateral Needed. 
     Bankruptcy and bad credit ok. 

     Not Bankruptcy or New Credit Report Scam. This program is offered thru a
     company that has been in biz for over 4 years and over 10,000 satisfied clients behind
              To obtain your consolidation, please call:
                  Chris Logan 1-800-769-0975 ext. 11


no credit and no collateral to help secure approval, or you just have extremely bad credit
and no one wants to help you, and all you hear is stories and more stories? 

---Turn around time is minimal. We are experienced and are determined to give you the
best possible service. All information is strictly confidential. Program has been offered for
over 4 years and has over 10,000 satisfied customers. Experienced staff of knowledgeable
specialists assure that all accounts are processed in a timely, accurate manner, and are in
communication with the nations leading creditors. 

BILL CONSOLIDATION. There is NO CREDIT CHECK for this program. You can be
approved for this program even if you have credit problems- including bankruptcy. No
co-signers. No collateral. Virtually everyone is qualified, since there is a program to fit
nearly everyone's needs. 

Through this unique program you will find it easy to obtain a consolidation of all your bills
into one monthly payment! If you have not yet established credit, have late payments,
charge- offs, repossessions, judgments, liens, prior bankruptcy, or have been turned down
previously for the cash or credit you needed --then this program is for you. 

To obtain your consolidation, please call: 
Chris Logan 1-800-769-0975 ext. 11
The goal of the program is to restructure your debt. We make it easier and more 
affordable for you to pay your monthly unsecured bills (credit cards, personal loans, 
student loans and medical bills, etc.)

1. You will have one single payment per month, we issue the payment directly to creditors. 
2. We will attempt to lower your monthly payments, enabling you to afford paying your
bills each month. 
3. We assist you in stopping creditor harassment. 
4. We recommend closing your accounts and work towards lowering your debt to income 

To be eligible for the buy-out of one or more high interest debts we have a 6-12 month 
probationary period during which you must qualify for the Probationary Review.* 

This tell us..... 
1. You are being responsible to your creditors 
2. You are financially able to make reduced monthly payments. 
3. Your monthly payments are being received 

If you meet the Probationary Review* qualifications, you will be reviewed. If it is 
determined that you are eligible for the buy-out, then one or more high interest debt
accounts will be bought out. These accounts will be closed.. 

1-4 short term benefits 
5. Bought out account balances are brought to zero 
6. You will get a more reasonable interest rate on bought out accounts, up to 20% less 
7. You will start to re-establish your credit rating because bought-out account balances
will show zero. Your credit rating will be rehabilitated while you are paying loan to us
because we will report to the credit bureaus when you are current in your payments. 

If and when you qualify for the buy-out. Accounts will be purchased that are most 
beneficial to you. This means accounts with the highest interest rates. 

To obtain your consolidation, please call: 
Chris Logan 1-800-769-0975 ext. 11 

YES, Through this unique program you can get the FINANCIAL RELIEF YOU NEED!! If 
you have credit problems, then this program is designed just for you! Your chances are 
excellent for approval. We operate entirely by mail. Call today to get started. 

Do you need to consolidate bills, lower monthly payments, cut interest payments, or any
other worthwhile purpose for a consolidation? Are you unable to get approval because a
problem with your credit record has caused banks to turn you down in the past? If you have
a credit problem, then we can help! This letter is your invitation to participate in our

At "PEOPLES CREDIT SERVICES" we understand if you have had problems with credit
and believe you deserve a second chance! Credit is a necessity in todays society--no one
plans to get bad credit. It is usually an unexpected event that triggers the fall, such as a
family break-up, lay-off from work, medical problems, or just simply letting your bills get
away from you. It takes years to build up good credit but only a couple missed payments to
destroy your credit rating. Once you have left the circle of good credit, nobody wants to
give you another chance. You may be a quality person with a steady job and a bright future
but are the victim of the "DENIAL" mentality of many lenders that prohibits you from
getting help you need when you need it most. But now you no longer have to take "NO"
for an answer! 

PEOPLES CREDIT SERVICES was founded to-provide assistance to individuals with
credit problems. We feel that a negative credit history should not stand in the way from you
receiving help you need--even if you have late payments, charge-offs, repossessions, or
have been recently turned down. You see, we've discovered a surprising fact: Individuals
will credit problems are more likely to fulfill new obligations because they appreciate the
second chance that they worked hard for, and want to put their negative experience behind
them. They want to re-establish good credit and start fresh. At "P.C.S." we want to
maintain a helpful relationship with you--We don't view our clients as account numbers. 

To obtain your consolidation, please call: 
Chris Logan 1-800-769-0975 ext. 11 

Probationary Period Review: 
1. You must be a collection payment program member for at least six months. 
2. Your payments must be received in our office on or before the due date. 
3. Your payments must be in the form of a money order, personal checks are not excepted. 
4. You can not have applied for or had existing credit extended during this probationary 
5. Your employment status at the time of the review and buy-out must equal to or be 
greater than your status at the start of the program. 
6. Your income must be verified by you employer and W2 form. If you are self employed 
you must provide your most recent tax return. 
7. You must have references of four relatives who can verify your address, phone number, 
employment phone number, at least 30 days prior to the change. 
8. You must notify us of any changes in address, phone number, employment phone 
prior to change. 
9. You must comply with any requests for further information. 

    |           This is a  FREE  $10.00  CALLING CARD!                      |
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    |               To Activate This Calling Card                                      |
    |       Call 1-800-962-2190          Acct Rep: PF569022                 |
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    |  They give you a card number: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __|
    |                                                                                                   |
    |  To use dial: 1) 1-888-TEL3-444  2) Enter your card #,              |
    |    3) Dial 1 + Area Code + Number.  ## Places another call.      |


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